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16 - 23 May, 2020

Breakthrough to Excellence in All Areas

Learn Peak Performance Techniques

- Create Meaningful Life Mastery -
Mindset | Habits | Nutrition
Sleep | Stress | Exercise



The 6 Pillars of Total Life Mastery

Uplevel Your Self & Your Life


For most of us, the idea of being mediocre is not exciting. We all want to be excellent, to be seen and appreciated as the best that we can be.

If you’re on this page, then you are seeking and creating excellence in yourself and your life. And like most people, you may think that excellence is simply the result of continuous hard work, sacrifice and effort.

What many people don’t fully understand, is that excellence is achieved not just through effort, but also through gaining superior knowledge, and developing superior skills.

Imagine you are cutting your way through a thick jungle...
You may be putting in an heroic effort, but if you’re moving in the wrong direction (inferior knowledge), or slaving away behind a blunt machete (inferior skills), you’re not going to create excellence in your results.

You Did Not Wake Up Today
To Be Mediocre

The surprising truth is that most people believe that mediocrity is our natural state, and that to achieve excellence, you have to do things that aren’t natural.

The truth is that excellence is our natural state. As long as nothing has blocked us, we all strive for excellence.

Think about it.. If you give someone a sharp machete and point them in the direction of something that they truly want, they are going to get excellent results!

The High Performance Retreat has been carefully designed to make excellence inevitable.

Harnessing the power of Mindset, Habits and Routines, to turn the Superior Knowledge you’ll learn with us, into Superior Skills you can take home with you.

Excellence is Your Natural State


Who Is This High Performance Retreat For?

If you feel like you’ve tried everything, and you haven’t quite managed to find that state of perfect balance, where your health, your career, your relationships and your joy and excitement for life are all thriving.. You’re in the right place.

The High Performance Retreat is for anyone who is ready to step up into the highest possible potential of their human experience.

Offering the latest in cutting edge peak performance training and techniques, and the framework to turn this learning into lifelong habits..

..if you feel like there’s more you can be getting out of life, this retreat is for you!

  • Finally kick that feeling of being overworked or stressed out?
  • Get reliably consistent sleep, and wake up feeling fully rested?
  • Learn how to keep your focus with ease, and never quit early?
  • Have the energy and passion to live your life fully on purpose?
  • Know exactly how to support your body, with the best foods?
  • Make it all stick for life, with a rock solid framework for new habits?

Are You Ready To..

Join us at The High Performance Retreat in May, and make 2020 the year you look back on and say “Wow, that’s the year I transformed my whole life!”

The 6 Pillars of Total Life Mastery

Learn how to optimize your experience and integrate a state of perfect wellness into everything you do.

1. Mind, Body & Spirit

2. Movement & Exercise

Discover the vital difference between movement & exercise, what each does for us, and why we need both.

3. Perfect Diet

We will teach you the best strategies to determine which foods are ideal for your body and how to create nourishing, tasty meals without spending hours in the kitchen.

4. Stress Management

Stress can be your greatest enemy or your best friend. Learn the secrets of effective stress management.

Discover how to identify, release and ultimately avoid the environmental toxins that have the biggest impact

5. Environment

6. Mindset & Routines

The secret sauce, how to create a structure that makes the best version of your life simply unavoidable!

"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease."


Practical knowledge

Total Control


Every workshop and activity is carefully designed to not just give you the experience now, but empower you to apply it all tomorrow too

Know what ‘buttons’ to push in your body, to get the absolute most out of any experience and be totally in control while you do it

Tap into the highest level of health, using peak athlete techniques to tune up your mind, body and soul for optimal life performance



Get complete clarity on where you’re at now, where you’d like to be, and exactly what steps you need to take to get there, quickly and easily

Discover the power of zen, being present to the moment, using the latest in cutting edge, scientifically proven methods of relaxation

Learn the simple and profound hacks for feeling deeply connected to yourself, so you can deeply feel your connection to others



The Daily Schedule

Every day starts early, we rise with the sun and come together for meditation and movement.

From morning to afternoon, we cover the 6 pillars of total life mastery in detail, balancing workshops and information sessions with body centric exercises and practice time.

Meal time is a feast of only the best and most nourishing whole foods, to support your growth and transformation on a cellular level, and revitalize you for the next experience.

After dinner each day, you’ll have full access to the complete suite of advanced biohacking facilities available onsite, including Sauna/Steam and Cold Exposure Therapy, as well as rotating Cryotherapy, Hyperbaric Chamber and Sensory Deprivation Treatments.

Day 1: Optimization of Mind, Body & Spirit

Day 2: Movement & Exercise

Day 3: Perfect Diet

Day 4: Stress Management

Day 5: Environment

Day 6: Mindset & Routines

6 Days in 6 Pillars

for Total Life Mastery

Meet Your Hosts

Aurimas is a Health and Human Performance Expert. He is an educator, speaker and coach, who has helped hundreds of his clients excel in life physically and mentally.

Rising from the ashes of serious health struggles; borderline insomniac, mental fog, low energy, destroyed gut microbiome, digestion problems, feeble immune system, Aurimas decided to stop listening to modern-day traditional doctors and crack the health code himself. After going down a rabbit hole of self-experimentation he miraculously transformed himself on every level. Aurimas’ lessons have been featured in GQ, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Lifestyle and other media outlets.

Through his programs, retreats, and speaking engagements Aurimas continues to help a wide range of international clientele experience unbelievable breakthroughs, shifts, and transformations in their health, vitality, and optimized performance.

Ryan became interested in health when his otherwise seemingly healthy mother was diagnosed with cancer at age 51 and passed away two years later.

Since then he's dedicated his life to helping people become healthy, happy, empowered versions of themselves through a wide range of lifestyle adjustments.

As a Traditional Naturopath and Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist he's worked with hundreds of clients over the past six years, and helped many people break free from fad diets and feeling discouraged with the conventional approach. Ryan takes more of a holistic approach to helping his patients improve their health by utilizing functional medicine.

One of Ryan's greatest joys is to work with people who have struggled with their health for years, to give them the exact steps and coaching they need, and see them transform for good.

Aurimas Juodka

Ryan Kennedy

What People Say...

In depth understanding of the optimal morning routines to prime your mind and body and get everyday started off on the right food so you have great energy and mental clarity all day long.

Minimal effective dose training to maximize exercise results with limited time investment.

How to choose and prepare nourishing foods that work for your specific body type and metabolism.

Best evening routines and sleep hacks to get more deep, restorative rest and feel more energized in less time.

Breathwork techniques that will facilitate emotional release and personal growth to allow you to feel like you have gone through 10+ years of therapy in 20-30 minutes.

Stress management techniques including meditation, breathwork, gratitude, contemplation, and more to help relax your nervous system and keep you feeling at peace throughout even the craziest of days.

How to cultivate the right mindset using time efficient practices to enable you to conquer any goal, mission, or life pursuit.

Are You Ready For Total Life Mastery?







Secure your place with a $1000 deposit.

Full payment needs to be completed by 1 month before the course start date.
The reservation deposit is non-refundable.

If you cancel your booking within 2 weeks before the course or once you have started the course, the full course fee is non-refundable.




Introducing a breakthrough 6-day, fully immersive deep dive retreat, where you will learn the performance secrets of people like Dave Asprey, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Gary V, and Tim Ferris.

You will experience how to build laser focus, take charge of your nutrition, get deeper sleep, build a winning mindset and annihilate stress and fatigue.

Are you ready to upgrade yourself and perform better than you ever imagined possible?

We get it though; you have been trying your best to be healthy and happy while maintaining your incredibly busy lifestyle. You’ve had success, you’ve worked hard, but you’ve probably put your health as second priority.

And when you do get the time for your health (which is rare these days), you feel overwhelmed on where to start. You know there is an untapped potential that exists within you. You’re just not sure how to access it.

Running a business, being an entrepreneur, having a family, or just trying to survive your life can feel like a marathon. It can be exhausting!

That’s why you need to give your mind and body these 6 days where you can relax, unwind, and reset.

We are NOT just another yoga or meditation retreat though! We are here to teach you the ways to function at a peak level no matter what type of lifestyle you have so that you never burn out again.

Commit to your health and watch your life transform.

"Movement goes beyond exercise. And very few of us move our bodies the way they were designed to move"

- Aurimas Juodka

Learn the secrets of the world’s highest performers...


What People Say

Access to our monthly masterclasses ($3,000 value)

30-minute One-On-One call follow up coaching call ($200 value)

Copy of Ryan’s cookbook loaded with 75+ delicious, nourishing recipes and powerful nutrition principles. ($39 value)

AJ’s Multidimensional Training Programs to optimize your exercise routine ($149 value)

The Healthy Living Guide Book & Vitality Blueprint Ebook ($79 value)


Extra Bonuses

The Istana is ideally located on the breathtaking cliff-face of Uluwatu, in Bali (a world-renowned Mecca for healing, enlightenment and spiritual transformation). Meticulously designed as the perfect place to experience holistic transformation, the Istana offers its guests a wide array of unique features, designed to powerfully facilitate this process. Truly the ‘Gold Standard’ in detox and wellness venues.

Whether you’re unwinding from a full day of activity by the pool, nourishing your entire being with the latest in biohacking tools and technology, or joining us in group meditation around the fire, connecting with your fellow human beings in front of one of the most spectacular sunsets in the southern hemisphere, the Istana is your sanctuary of health and wellness.

While on retreat at the Istana, you are invited to choose between onsite or offsite accommodations. Onsite affords luxury shared dorm rooms (up to 4 occupants), or a range of limited private suites, and are not included in the cost of your retreat (unless otherwise stated). Offsite, there is a wide range of local accommodations within walking distance from the Istana. We can provide a detailed list of recommendations, on request.

Yes. There is a wide range of accommodations within a 5-10 minute drive from the Istana. We recommend The Radisson Blu.

All fitness levels welcome. Aurimas & Ryan will assess your level and optimize a specific program and goals to meet you where you are at.

There are two luxury dorm rooms (one for men and one for women) each with four beds (two sets of loft bunk beds). The women’s dorm has a connected private bathroom and the men’s has brand new bathroom and shower facilities in the hall just outside the bedroom door.

There are 24 total tickets available. Our objective is a small intimate group to ensure personal attention for each participant.

The retreat menu emphasizes healthy, hearty, and fun food. Stocked with natural options for vegans and meat-eaters alike, there should be something on our menu for everyone. For those will specific dietary needs please send us a message when you purchase your ticket with your requests/allergies/limitations and we will do our best to accommodate.

The Bali airport is in the capital of Denpasar (Ngurah Rai Airport) and is about a 35 minute drive from The Istana. Complimentary airport pick-up and drop-off is included in the ticket price.

January is technically rainy season. However, during this month rain is mostly scattered showers and the temperate remains mildly hot - typically around 30-35 degrees Celsius.

Yes, there is high-speed WiFi on-site and in all of the rooms.

Yes. Air Conditioning is in all of the rooms.

To book a ticket we require a $1,000 deposit with the balance due one week before the event. Cancellation policy details are on this page just below the ticket options.

Yes. Pending availability, our suites may be shared with a maximum of two people and the dorms are set up for as many as four to share in one room.

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